Who we are

The GOLDCAR_LUX MOTORS SPORT S.A.R.L begins to take shape in 2020 motivated by the passion and a childhood dream of FILIPE LOPES RIBEIRO for the automotive world.

GOLDCAR_LUX, has become a quality company and pioneer in the import and export of new and used vehicles. But the most important step was the contacts and partnerships made with the Official dealerships in Luxembourg and be able to offer a great quality product to our Customers.

Currently the GOLDCAR_LUX is dedicated to the purchase, sale and mediation of new, semi-new and used vehicles, as well as to their maintenance, repair, reconditioning and negotiation of the associated Financial and Insurance products.



The advertised vehicles come from the main fleet managers, banking institutions and management cars of official dealerships of the brands.


At GOLDCAR_LUX, our challenge is to offer vehicles at the best market price, with a strong focus on an effective approach to the customer’s needs.


GOLDCAR_LUX sells vehicles to customers all over Europe with one goal: to buy new, semi-new and used vehicles at the BEST PRICE with a guaranteed quality label.


GOLDCAR_LUX has ALWAYS the best PRICES on the market, applies small profit margins, guaranteeing durability through business volume.

Get in touch

For any question or clarification regarding our vehicles, please contact us using the means we have at your disposal.